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Inventory control is more important today than it was 61 years ago when White Inventory was first formed.  Businesses have many silent partners that dip into their profits and want a piece of the action.  You surely will recognize them:

1st  Our government wants tax dollars to pay for just about anything you can imagine.

2nd  Your product suppliers need a percentage to maintain their overhead and still show a reasonable return for their investment.

3rd Your insurance carriers need accurate figures, determining the amount of coverage needed to protect your investment against all the hazards of burglary, theft, fire and all acts of nature.

4th Your accountant needs your records, including your stock on hand, to determine how your business income taxes may be kept as low as possible.

5th Your employees need a livable income to sustain their daily pattern of life for their families, and finally,

6th  You and your families deserve a fair return on your investment and efforts to maintain a profitable business.